Mission: DNA

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Q and A for Project DNA

What is Project DNA?

Project DNA is an initiative to start a movement of people who seek a deep friendship with the person of Jesus, who live intentionally in friendships with others, and who seek spiritual multiplication. The method or tool that Project DNA uses to help people reach more meaningful friendship with Jesus and with others is a DNA group.  

What are DNA Groups?

Each DNA group, first and foremost, is a simple gathering of people who share one concern; they want more in life than what they are currently experiencing.  If that’s you, then you should be in a DNA group.  These groups are designed to be a place where you can be you: simple, authentic, honest, you. 

What do you mean when you say DNA group is a tool that Project DNA uses? 

Keep in mind, the DNA group is an intentional structure set up so that you can connect with other souls.  We ultimately believe everyone experiences their fullest in the spiritual life when they are investing in another person and being invested in by other people.  This is best accomplished on a one-on-one level.  In many ways, the DNA group helps people get to more meaningful relationships on a group level and in one-on-one friendships.  This is what we mean when we say the DNA group is a tool.  It is a structure that urges us to share life with others as organically and intentionally as possible.  This is what we also mean when we say that Project DNA is a way of life, not a program.  It helps us to see deep, lived out relationships with God and with others as the primary purpose in life.         

Where do DNA groups meet? 

DNA groups can meet at homes, at bars and restaurants, at coffee shops, in parks, or pretty much anywhere, even McDonald’s. 

What does a DNA group gathering consist of?

At each DNA group gathering, there will be a topic and some open ended discussion questions that will help each participant explore how to live life in deeper friendship with Jesus and in deeper friendship with others.  The goal is to get to know one another deeper as we all journey in life together towards God.

How long is a DNA gathering?

A DNA group gathering usually lasts between an hour to an hour and a half.  

How many times does a DNA group meet before it ends?

Each DNA group takes on a life of its own.  It is ongoing in nature, just like all the other relationships in your life.  There are natural peaks and valleys in every relationship that we have, and we like to think of a DNA group as having those same peaks and valleys.  Once a group starts, we hope that it never ends! 

 What are the expectations for how often a DNA group meets? 

DNA groups are designed to be organic and molded to the demands of the participants.  Generally, DNA groups consist of people from the same affinities and stages of life.  Parents with little kids might not have the bandwidth to meet as often as empty nesters, or singles, or college kids.  In principle, each DNA group should meet at least once a month, but can meet as often as every week.  The intentions are the same regardless of how often you meet: to grow in deeper friendship with Jesus, to grow in deeper friendship with others, and to invite others along for the ride.

How do I join a DNA group? 

Each DNA group, by its nature, is always open to anyone, all of the time, no exceptions!  The participants should always be inviting others into their group.  The third component of Project DNA is multiplication.  So, a group that is “closed” to new participants is not truly a DNA group.  DNA groups believe that life is lived best when it is given away and life dies when it is not given away.  Sharing, being open to others, hosting, inviting and investing in getting to know another soul, these are the qualities that Project DNA aspires to bring about.     

How many people can be in a DNA group?

A DNA group needs to start with at least 2, and ideally shouldn’t get any larger than 12.  The number is important because the goal of DNA groups is for people to know, love, and care for others beyond a superficial level.  When a DNA group gets beyond 12, that goal gets harder to accomplish. 

Does the number of participants in a DNA group change? 

YES!  Whatever size a DNA group starts with, it shouldn’t stay at that size.  It should grow.  If a DNA groups starts with 2, those two will invite others and it should eventually double and triple in size.  If a DNA group starts at 6, it should grow and get to 10.  If a group hits 12 consistently, then the group makes a plan to multiply and start a second group. 

 How does a DNA group multiply?

From the very beginning of every DNA group, the vision of DNA groups should be clearly articulated.  At the outset, every person should become closer in their friendship with Jesus, they should be intentional in their friendship with others, and they should multiply.  The goal of every DNA group is to multiply itself.  This is and will be different for every single group.  But, the intentionality will not be different.  From the beginning, each DNA group “leader” will actively vision cast, invite and recruit at least one or two participants to see themselves as DNA group “leaders” in training.  This works best when the “leader” identifies people who are interested, engaged, bought into the vision, and open to spearheading the birth of a new group.  Once a group hits 10-12 people who consistently come to each gathering, the group should make a plan to multiply.     


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