Volleyball is open to girls in grades 3 - 8. Team formation evaluations are held in August during the first week of school for NPS. Coaches are always needed. We welcome all students and parishioners regardless of ability or previous experience.

Evaluation Dates: Nativity Gym--players must attend BOTH NIGHTSThese times are subject to change.

Evaluations will be Wednesday, August 15 and Thursday, August 16. Times to be determined.

Each player is expected to attend with their age group on BOTH nights (similar to basketball evaluations). The team
placements will be emailed on 08/17 after school.

3rd and 4th grade will be divided evenly by Last Name—No evaluation will be held.




Go to the site, www.cyojwa.org/registration. Cost is $115 per child grades 5-8 and $95 per child grades 3-4 plus uniform purchase (around $20).  The CYO participation fees are now combined with Nativity’s fees.

Deadline for registration is Monday, August 21 at 10 p.m. No money or registration will be accepted at the door and you child will not be eligible for evaluation after that time. Coaches are always needed! Contact me to volunteer today!

Melissa Schnake, Nativity CYO Volleyball Coordinator

[email protected]  


Volleyball is open to all Nativity parishioners in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. The volleyball coordinator sets up each tryout session (two for each grade; 5 - 8 only), in which volleyball skills are objectively evaluated by third-party individuals. Based on skill level, girls are placed on A, B, and C teams for their grade. The Nativity CYO Volleyball Coordinator or Director of Athletic Ministries will notify the player of their team placement. The Volleyball Coordinator and DAC have no participation/vote in this process.

Per CYO rules, 3rd and 4th grade volleyball is/and will be handled as an instructional league. Therefore, no full skill evaluations will be made at this time and all players receive equal playing time.


Required Uniforms

Players are required to purchase a Nativity volleyball jersey. All players need knee pads and appropriate gym/running shoes.



Practice is held once a week for 3rd grade and two times per week for grades 4 - 8. TBD by each coach after teams are formed. Every effort will be made to accommodate each team request.



Games are played on weekends beginning in September. For game schedule and locations, please visit www.cyojwa.org.   Schedules are posted around Labor Day.


*Students are allowed to play two CYO sports in a season, meaning girls can play both volleyball and run Cross Country and boys are able to play football and run Cross Country if they wish. Runners are required to participate in at least one Cross Country Meet during the season in order to participate in the CYO Cross Country City Championships.



Parent volunteers are needed and each must be VIRTUS-trained prior to having any contact with the team. Click here for more information about VIRTUS training, or call Karen McDonald in the Parish Office, 913-491-5017.


Pre-Participation Physical Requirement

Your child’s health and safety is of the utmost importance to CYO. All CYO participants will be required to have a pre­participation physical completed and submitted prior to participating in evaluations, practices or games.

For each child in Grades 2-8, the State of Kansas Pre­Participation Physical Evaluation (PPE) Form must be completed and signed by a health care professional who is a MD or DO, or is sponsored by an MD or DO. Please note that our CYO requirements for 2nd-8th grade are different from KSHSAA and we do not accept a PPE completed by a chiropractor. Only high school students differ in this regard. All PPE Forms must be dated on or after May 1st of the current CYO year.

This requirement will ensure that every child has been evaluated by a qualified physician and cleared to participate in sports activities. For most parents, this will simply require getting the PPE Form completed during their child’s regular annual physical. The form is widely used by schools in Kansas and should be familiar to all physicians. Families without a primary care physician have several options available, including low cost physicals available through a partnership between CYO and SafeKC. Information on dates and availability for that option will be made available on the CYO website and distributed to parishes.

If you have any questions, please contact your physician’s office or the CYO Office at (913) 384­.7377.

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