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There are a variety of ways for Nativity members to become involved in our liturgical celebrations. We invite you to join us. Use the link below to sign up for all Liturgical Ministries and to see when you are scheduled to serve. With this program you can schedule in your Mass preferences and get to serve with your family. If you have any problems with the scheduling software, contact Kelly Samuelson at [email protected]

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A group of volunteers who greet parishioners and guests as they enter the church for Mass. This ministry is a vital part of the Church. We are the first people to come into contact with parishioners and guests. It is up to us to make them feel welcome and a part of our Church. We encourage all parishioners to join this ministry. The time commitment is minimal and the rewards are great.

Denise Vedder
[email protected]


Help create and maintain a sense of welcoming and belonging for parishioners and guests to our church community. We are a group of men and women who volunteer their time to extend a warm greeting to our community, assist our priests in the celebration of the Eucharist, ensure a safe and focused environment during our liturgies and share the blessings our God offers each week.

Click here for our Usher Procedures.

Contact: Vito Carabetta
[email protected]


Proclaim the Word of God with the first and second readings at all Sunday Masses and special liturgies throughout the year. A required training is held once a year. The Holy Spirit will lead your heart to this ministry if it is right for you.

Click here for Lector Procedures.

Contact: Kathleen Saunders
[email protected]

Teresa Wrobleski Mayor
[email protected]

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

CommunionExtraordinary Minister of Holy Communion - Servants of the gathered community. We serve the assembly by assisting the Priest at the altar, distributing the Body and Blood of Christ. Adults and youth who have received Confirmation are invited to serve. Read more...

Contact: Mike Bartkoski
[email protected]



Nativity Altar Servers begin their training at the end of the fourth grade. They are initially trained as Junior Servers. After a period of time, usually the beginning of their 6th grade year, they are trained as Senior Servers. Those Servers showing particular aptitude are then trained as Master of Ceremonies. These are generally 8th graders and high schoolers. The Servers provide a direct service to the Community by assisting at the regular Masses, as well as private functions, weddings, funerals and school Masses. They receive the benefit of working directly with the priests and the Archbishop and learning more about the Mass and the Church.

Contact: David Pope
[email protected]

Altar Server Manual


A sacristan prepares the “necessary things” for the celebration of the liturgy: the vessels, the bread and the wine. Most often this work is done before the liturgy begins. After Mass the sacred vessels are rinsed, cleansed and prepared for the next Mass. Training is provided. The work of the sacristan really matters. I invite you to seriously consider being a sacristan.

Contact: Mary Jo Brumbaugh
mjobrum[email protected]

Art and Environment

The Art and Environment Committee is made up of volunteers who plan and execute all the liturgical decorations for the church throughout the year. Volunteers of all skill levels are invited to participate. Jobs are varied and can include flower arranging, sewing, plant care, organization and assembly of decorations, general preparation of the church and its related spaces for each celebration and season of the year. Working with the church environment is an opportunity to learn about liturgy and to make the church a more welcoming place for all the community to worship. Volunteers are always welcome and may join at any time during the year. (ages 17 and older are welcome).

Contact: Kathy Elson
[email protected]

Liturgy Commission

Help plan and implement liturgical events throughout the year. While most of the positions are heads of ministries, we invite you to volunteer to be members at large.

Contact: Parish Office


You are invited to share your musical gifts with the parish. Adult and youth choirs are open to all parishioners. Musicians and cantors are also needed to enhance our liturgy. Adult Choir, open to all, sings at the 9 a.m. liturgy.
“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” - Psalm 100: 1-5

Contact: Vicky Neely
[email protected]