Grade K - 6

Class Times:

Wednesday, 4:30-5:30 p.m. or 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Religious Education Program. Following are some guidelines and information to assist all of us to have a faith enhancing year. The Catholic Church believes and teaches that parents are "the primary teachers of their children" and all of us are here to support you in your challenge of passing on the faith to your children. It takes a family and a parish to teach the "Good News" and here at Nativity we have both faith-filled families and volunteers. Each week about 50 parishioners will come to Nativity School to serve your children through teaching, aiding, assisting and providing childcare. I know you join me in being grateful for such a gift of time and talent to the children of Nativity!

We look forward to working with you and please be assured that we appreciate your cooperation regarding these guidelines. Our effort is to provide a safe environment, to be aware of your time constraints at pick up time, and, most of all, to assist you in the faith growth of your child/children.

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God Bless,

Suzy Meinzenbach
Director of Religious Education & Sacramental Prep, Grades K -8
913.338-4367 or [email protected]



Attendance is taken weekly. Please inform the office if there will be a prolonged absence.  When there are duplicate, unexplained, absences we will check with you via email or phone.

Student Drop off and Pick up
Kindergarten – 6th Grade:

Arrival: Kindergarten – 6th Grade

Parents may drop off their students for Religious Education without walking them to class.  Students should enter the front doors of the school and wait in the library until the bell rings for class.  ***Please never block the handicap spots.  Pull forward and have your students walk up the sidewalk to the front doors. If you have younger students and would like to walk them to class, you are welcome to do so.  

            Volunteers needed: Help monitor parking lot and Library

            4:30 Class -     4:15-4:45

            6:30 Class-      6:15-6:45


Dismissal:  Kindergarten – 6th Grade

Parents will park and come in to the building to pick up their students at their classrooms.  There will be no front row parking to limit the backing up of cars during dismissal.  Please do not use the handicap spots unless you have a handicap tag.  

Please remember to be kind and take your time in the parking lot. We realize we are all busy and have many places to be but please be mindful of others in the parking lot.  Please pass this information to grandparents or care givers who help you get your kids to Religious Education class. 


For the most part we have very acceptable behavior in our classes. Sometimes there are some breeches. When this occurs teachers are being asked to:
1. Correct immediately with respect.
2. Talk to the student privately if there is a recurrence.
3. Refer the student to the coordinator, if change does not occur.
4. Parents will be contacted by the coordinator to assist with the problem if there is no improvement.

Early Dismissal
Since classes are for just one hour we discourage early dismissal but when that cannot be avoided we ask that you send a note to the classroom teacher. Your student may be picked up on the upper level only. We ask that parents do not go to classrooms since this is a distraction to the class. If you write a note for them to come to the car by the front door, we will accompany them to you.

Weather policy
We adhere to the Blue Valley School district calendar. If they do not have school on Wednesday or if they dismiss early because of weather conditions we will cancel classes. When weather conditions are threatening we will make a judgment call on whether to cancel or not. The safety of you and your children is our main concern. We will email all cancelation information.

Class Calendar