CYO football is open to all boys of the parish in 4th through 8th grades. There are no tryouts. All boys who pay the fee are allowed to play and each boy will play a minimum of 1 quarter per game as mandated by CYO and are strictly enforced at Nativity. Our goal is to provide the boys with football fundamentals in a fun, Christian environment and a chance to learn some powerful life lessons through football. If you are interested in helping achieve these goals, consider being a coach.

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Football is open to all Nativity parishioners in 4th through 8th grades. There are no tryouts. Depending on the number of players we may have more then one team per grade, or combine teams with other parishes. By rule a team must have at least 16 players. There are specific CYO rules for playing time and the coaches adhere to those requirements.

Required Uniforms and Equipment

Each player is equipped with a certified helmet, shoulder pads, pants and pads. Game uniforms are also provided. Each player is required to purchase: socks, molded cleats, mouthpiece and athletic cup. Equipment is distributed and returned at the Nativity gym. Each coach will schedule specific times by grade, where they will be available to properly fit the players for helmets and shoulder pad, as well as, distribute uniforms.


Football is one of those sports where teams practice a lot more then they play games.  By rule teams are not allowed to practice more then 6 hours a week. Depending on schedules it may be four  ½ hour practices or three 2 hour practices. Practices for 4th grade is limited to three 1 ½ hour practices.  Practices are sometime held at the Nativity play ground or a field where Nativity has obtained a permit. Specific practice schedules and locations will be distributed by the coaches. The official beginning date for conditioning and practice is sent to Parish Athletic Directors prior to the beginning of the season. Typically, practices start in July/August.

Games are usually played on weekends; however, 7th and 8th grade teams may have Thursday or Friday night games.  Games typically start the first week of September and last in to November. The schedule and standings can be found on the CYO website at

*Students are allowed to play two CYO sports in a season, meaning girls can play both volleyball and run Cross Country and boys are able to play football and run Cross Country if they wish. Runners are required to participate in at least one Cross Country Meet during the season in order to participate in the CYO Cross Country City Championships.

Parent volunteers are needed and each coach must be VIRTUS-trained prior to having any contact with the team. In addition, on game day, if you would like one of the best seats in the stadium you can volunteer to count plays or be a member of the lines crew and operate the first down markers. Nativity is responsible for these positions for each game Nativity is listed first on the schedule.


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