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Mercy Given. Mercy Received.

Feb 21, 2017

My son Jack is a senior in high school.  This has been a very exciting and stressful time in our family.  A couple of weeks ago, my son stayed home from school because he was exhausted from his after school job, studying and homework, play practice, and his theater class that he takes on Sunday nights.  He needed a personal day.  

When I came home from work, I found Jack crying at the dining room table.  He was in front of the computer, books and notebooks splayed all around him.  He was drowning in homework, pressure to produce and succeed, stress, and dismay.  

I felt sorrow when my son started to share his feeling of helplessness.  We talked, cried, and hugged for a long time.  God was palpably present in our time together.  Entering into my son’s pain with compassion and mercy was only possible because of the presence and grace of Jesus Christ.  

I have a note in a book that reads, “Justice is getting what we deserve; mercy is getting more than we deserve.”  I felt God’s mercy thatt night.  He was participating in our pain and the participation of God in our pain is more than we deserve.  The suffering of Jesus Christ bears witness to the depths God will go bring us back to himself.  God is drawing my son back to himself so that he does not fall into despair and he allowed me to participate in that, as well.


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