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Is the Social Doctrine of the Church optional?

Posted by Sonya Salazar on 6/02/17

             All human beings are created by God with a spiritual soul to be in His image and likeness.  Human persons must be treated justly because of this special and unique relationship to God.  Justice is the virtue that is primarily concerned with one’s ... Read More »

Joshua and the Jordan River

Posted by Sonya Salazar on 4/28/17

Read Joshua chapters 3 and 4 about the Crossing of the Jordan River.  Early Church Father, Gregory of Nyssa’s interpretation of Joshua crossing the Jordan River is that of a typology of baptism.  St. Gregory understands Joshua as a prefiguration of Christ.  St. Gregory notes that Christians are to, ... Read More »

Mercy Given. Mercy Received.

Posted by Sonya Salazar on 2/21/17

My son Jack is a senior in high school.  This has been a very exciting and stressful time in our family.  A couple of weeks ago, my son stayed home from school because he was exhausted from his after school job, studying and homework, play practice, and his theater ... Read More »

Ordinary Time

Posted by Sonya Salazar on 1/12/17

On Monday, the Church ended the Christmas season with the Baptism of the Lord and now we enter into Ordinary Time. 

 Ordinary Time is not unexceptional or undistinguished time, rather it is time that is well ordered according to God’s plan.

 The word ordinary is rooted in ordinal, ... Read More »

Bishop Robert Barron on Christ-Mass

Posted by Sonya Salazar on 12/21/16


I am a huge fan of Bishop Robert Barron and have read his books, watched his film series Catholicism, and I follow his Word on Fire blog.  I am excited that Nativity will present his six-part film Pivotal Players in January and February.  I hope you all ... Read More »

The Human Being: Made for Ecstasy

Posted by Sonya Salazar on 12/05/16

The Human Being: Made for Ecstasy

Bishop Robert Barron explores the nature of the human person according to St. Thomas Aquinas in chapter four of his book Thomas Aquinas: Spiritual Master.  According to Barron, Aquinas writes that the human person is an union of body and soul and in fact, ... Read More »

Matthew's Genealogy of Jesus

Posted by Sonya Salazar on 11/29/16

With the First Sunday of Advent, we begin a new Church year and a new cycle of readings in the lectionary.  This year the Gospel readings will be from Matthew.  

The Good News of Jesus Christ according to Matthew begins in Salvation History with Abraham and David. ... Read More »

Waiting and Watching in the Dark

Posted by Sonya Salazar on 11/21/16

Waiting and Watching in the Dark

A friend of mine used to live on the 12th floor of the One Park Place condominiums in the old BMA building on Southwest Trafficway. On a clear, bright day I could see 10 miles. I loved all of the views: north of ... Read More »

Lord, Teach Us to Pray

Posted by Sonya Salazar on 11/14/16

Lord, Teach Us to Pray

People often ask me why our Catholic tradition places an emphasis on rote prayer such as the Hail Mary, Glory Be, and The Lord’s Prayer.  One may wonder if reciting memorized words is truly prayer; formal prayers seem inauthentic to some people.  I simply respond ... Read More »

Dear Young People

Posted by Sonya Salazar on 11/08/16

When I tell people that I worked with high school students, they often respond with exasperation, exclaiming, “I could never do that!”  Yet, for the past fifteen years, young people have kept me young and engaged with the world. 

The stereotypical teenager in our society is a person ... Read More »


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