Lower Level Renovation

Lower Level Renovation

Click here to view the newest information on our phased approach to the Lower Level Renovation. If you have already donated, we thank you! If you haven't, please prayerfully consider a donation to improve the lower level of our church. 

Annual Appeal Brochure

This brochure contains information on our Annual Appeal, proposed renovation floor plans and project highlights. Each household of the parish received one of these brochures along with  a pledge envelope and our annual Time Talent survey. Click here to view the brochure.

 Got Questions? Click here for a few Frequently Asked Questions. 

Watch our video. It helps explain why now is the time to do these renovations.

Architectural Floor Plan For Proposed Lower Level Renovation 

Many of you have expressed your eagerness to see the architectural drawings of the proposed renovations of the lower level of our church. We are delighted to include the latest floor plan in this newsletter. - Click Here

Note From Fr. Francis

Thank You to all who participated in our recent feasibility study. Your input gave us great hope and excitement when the results of the study were presented to the Lower Level Steering Committee, Finance Council and Pastoral Council on August 15th. I’m pleased to report an enthusiastic response to proceeding with a capital campaign to renovate and expand the lower level of our parish home.

“Always Room For More At Our Table.” This is the theme of our annual stewardship campaign this year and will also serve as the theme for the new capital campaign we are rolling out this Fall. The lower level of our church is a vital part of our parish facilities. Around tables in the parish hall, our parish family gathers for fellowship, formation and feasts. Around tables in meeting rooms, parishioners pray and share faith, plan and prepare for so many life-giving ministries. Around tables and desks, the priests and the staff provide daily service to all who come to our doors in times of joy and sorrow. Around tables, our community is served in elections, in blood drives, and in count-less outreach efforts. The lower level of our church is a very busy and utilized space!

In keeping with our theme, our goal is to improve and expand our kitchen facilities, update our parish hall with its video and sound systems, and provide adequate and appropriate space for meetings and parish functions, all in an attempt to make “room for more.” 

Please join me as we seek to ensure there is “Always Room For More At Our Table.”
God’s Blessings!

Feasibility Study
R • E • S • U • L • T • S

We received lots of great input and feedback about the lower level of the parish from the recent Feasibility Study. Approximately 600 parishioners participated in the study which is an excellent response rate. The study shows that parishioners feel their spiritual and social needs are being met at the parish and there is a high level of confidence in the parish leadership to make wise decisions. Overall, Nativity is ready now for a Capital Campaign and will support it financially over the next three years. The study shows there is a strong need for more details about the lower level and there needs to be a strong case made for renovating the parish hall. All through the study it is evident that parishioners love Nativity and want the best for it in order to share God’s love to the community and world.