Guatemala Mission Trip

Guatemala Mission Trip

Nativity Parish will be offering two trips for the summer of 2018: June 16-22, 2018 and July 7-13, 2018


Mission Statement:

Catholic Social Teaching reminds us that we are one human family and our responsibilities to each other cross national, racial, economic and ideological differences. While we continually strive to ease the pain of poverty in our own community, no one can truly grasp the degree of suffering that exists throughout the world until they experience it themselves.

Church of the Nativity Guatemala Outreach Mission works to foster awareness of the values and needs of the people of San Andres Itzapa, Guatemala. Our goal is to assist in improving the lives of the poor, while both communities grow and benefit from each other on our shared journeys of faith, hope and love.

There have been four trips over the past two years to San Andres with close to 100 people attending. Our projects range from cinderblock stoves, cinderblock pig pens, chicken coops, concrete floors and visiting the home bound and a special needs orphanage.

Projects by the Numbers:

Curious to know what we have done? In the past two years, we have built 56 Stoves, 16 chicken coops and 8 pig pens. We helped to pour concrete for 24 floors in San Andres. A part of the trip, we visited 80 home bound people/families bringing care bags to each of the homes. We recently donated additional funds to build a wheelchair ramp at a home and sent money to repair a broken sewer line at the convent. As we bridge our communities together, we can see definitively where our time, talent and money are being used.

Additional Travel Information:

We have received a few questions regarding shots required for the trip. If you are concerned with any health or travel related questions, we recommend you contact your primary physician and/or the CDC website ( or website ( for guidance. Remember, Kansas City Catholic parishes have had more than 20 years of safe trips to San Andres, Itzapa, Guatemala. Over 2,000 people have safely traveled there and back with little or no incident.

 Take a look at this video from our Mission Trips this past summer!

Guatemala from Susan Smith on Vimeo.

How Can You Help?

Many parishioners who would love to go, but are unable, have asked how they could help or be involved. One unique way is to sponsor a project or donate funds which will go directly to the projects we will work on while in Guatemala.

Projects and cost involved:
Cinderblock cooking stove $175.00
Small chicken coop & chickens $100.00
Concrete Floor $125.00
Gift Bag for home visits $ 35.00

If you would like to sponsor a project or make a donation, please drop a check made payable to Church of the Nativity, in the collection plate or Parish Office. In the memo line write Guatemala Fund. Gifts are 100% deductible. Thank you for your consideration of the Guatemala Fund. 

Notre Dame de Sion High School just returned from the exact place, San Andres, Nativity will be staying.


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